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Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

Syrup Mill

Syrup Mill --This syrup mill was located at my great grandpa's home in Third Ward of Vernon Parish, Louisiana.  The process of making syrup by families has almost vanished.  A trip to the grocery store supplies the family syrup but the items used to make syrup are being enveloped in our living in different ways.  The syrup kettle...a treasured antique style of the being used to enhance water and plant gardens. 

The names syrup kettle and sugar kettle are interchangeable.  It depended on the locality whether syrup or sugar was made in the kettles or both at different times.

All of our syrup kettles feature the timeless look of the past with a black textured finish.  Made fully of fiberglass, these syrup kettles exude not only an unadorned beauty but possess quality far surpassing that of any of our competitors.  Our syrup kettles can serve not only as planters which will bring life to any gardening / landscaping project, but also, when coupled with accessories, can be transformed into a water fountain or waterfall which is not only relaxing to the eyes, but also to the ears.  Our syrup kettles can also be used as a water garden, where water plants and goldfish can be used to create the aura of one's own private aquatic garden.  All of our syrup kettles - sugar kettles are made in Louisiana, U.S.A.




Elfin - (26-1/2" diameter)

Alpha - (41" diameter)

Ivy - (48" diameter)

Grandma's Old Kettle - (55" diameter)

Belle - (65" diameter)

Paragon - (96" diameter)

Thompson Syrup Kettle of 1815 - (144" diameter)

Bravura Waterfall Fountain - (variable sizes

Elfin Sugar Kettle   Elfin Syrup Kettle - Sugar Kettle - fiberglass - (26-1/2" diameter) Our miniature syrup kettle is ideal for 
                              places you want to add a touch of our antebellum past.  
The petite size of this sugar kettle allows it to
                              add simplistic elegance in so many settings.
Alpha Fibesrglass Syrup Kettle - 41" diameter         Alpha Fiberglass Syrup Kettle - (41" diameter) Our first syrup kettle, it remains a favorite.   Its small  
                              size makes it a perfect fit as well as a beautiful addition to any home or yard.

Ivy Syrup Kettle - fiberglass           Ivy Fiberglass Syrup Kettle - (48" diameter) This syrup kettle is a lovely accent for any setting.
                               Whether a centerpiece for a yard or demurely set back in a shaded area, this piece will add a touch of
                               beauty to your home.

Grandma's Old Syrup Kettle - fiberglass     Grandma's Old Fiberglass Syrup Kettle - (55" diameter) This is one of our middle-sized kettles, and
                               its rustic beauty has kept it a favorite among all.  When used as a planter this piece is the perfect size
                               for a lovely, demure garden, and when used as a fountain it can be fixed up in a number of ways to suit
                               the exact desires of one who desires a hint of lavishness in a modest package.

Belle Fiberglass Sugar Kettle  Belle Fiberglass Syrup Kettle - (65" diameter) This syrup kettle is a time-honored classic.   Its size
                               makes it the ideal centerpiece for any home garden or yard.  Its design, as with all of our syrup kettles,
                               features clean lines and simplistic charm.   No matter what function this kettle could be used for, its
                               beauty is sure to make your home the most enticing in the neighborhood!

Paragon Fiberglass Syrup Kettle   Paragon Fiberglass Syrup Kettle - (96" diameter) Its name means "a model of excellence or
                               perfection," and we know that you will agree!  Whether used for a lush garden or as a spectacular
                               water fountain, this kettle creates a vision that is sure to be unrivaled by any other.

Thompson's Syrup Kettle of 1815 - Fiberglass           Thompson's Syrup Kettle of 1815 - Fiberglass - (144" diameter-) This piece is a replica of a syrup
                               cooker constructed by our own family's forefathers.  The zenith of our production line, this piece would
                               be the crowning glory for town or city squares, parks, municipalities, office complexes, entrances to
                               elegant subdivisions, or anyone who desires a touch of extravagance coupled with that traditional,
                               simple beauty that all of our syrup kettles offer.

fiberglass syrup kettle tier waterfall fountain         Bravura Fiberglass Waterfall Fountain - Syrup Kettles (variable sizes) As this fiberglass waterfall
                                fountain's name implies, it is majestic in beauty and revered by all with its old antique style of the
                                past.  This eye-catching showpiece creates a perfect focal point of any gardening - landscaping
front entrance or backyard garden.  Our syrup kettles - sugar kettles coupled with accessories
                                is transformed into an ideal water fountain or waterfall.
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