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Pool Care and Maintenance Hints

You should determine the gallons in your pool to effectively maintain your pool.
Pool Gallons Rectangular:  Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Gallons of Water.

Round:  Length x Width x Average Depth x 5.9 = Gallons of Water

Oval:  Length x Width x Average Depth x 5.9 = Gallons of Wate

Opening Pool Pump water off cover.
Remove cover and clean before storing.
Clean pool thoroughly (brush, vacuum, skim the surface, clean skimmer basket.
Use appropriate chemicals including shock, algaecide and clarifier.
Daily Vacuum and backwash.
Twice a Week Balance water for:  pH (7.2-7.6)  chlorine (1.0-3.0 ppm)   Bromine (3.0-4.0 ppm).
Empty skimmer baskets, clean pool wall around water line, skim water surface (more if necessary)
Bi-Weekly Shock pool (add algaecide--day after shocking)
Monthly Clean and check filter
Winterizing Brush and vacuum pool.
Backwash or clean filters.
Super chlorinate your pool water.
Add algaecide.
Reduce water level about four inches below skimmer.
Winterize plumbing and equipment (filter, heater, hoses, chlorinator and pipes).
Cover pool.
(Super chlorinate pool about mid-winter) 
Problem Solving
Cloudy Water
  • Algae 
  • High pH 
  • High total alkalinity 
  • Dirty Filter 
Test alkali content and adjust. 
Check pH. 
Shock pool (read label directions). 
Adjust pH (7.2-7.6).
Check filter.
Colored Water (New water when chemically treated turns blue, brown or black)
  • Chlorine turned unseen copper, iron, or manganese in water into visible compounds 
  • Circulatory system has water velocity too high 
Adjust pH (7.2-7.6).
Run filter for 48 hours--backwash as needed.
Check circulatory system for high velocity to make sure copper is not leached out of lines.
Colored water (Water in filled pool discolors)
  • Leaves and debris in water 
  • Algae 
Clean pool of leaves and debris.
Shock pool.
Adjust pH, and alkali content.
Brush wall of pool.
Filter until clear.

Green Algae
  • Floating algae or clinging to pool sides. 
Shock pool.
When chlorine drops to normal level, add algaecide as directed.
Vacuum pool next day.
Adjust pH.
Black (Blue-Green spots adhering to pool surface-Chlorine resistant) or Mustard (Yellow powdery deposits on shady side of pool- Chlorine resistant)
  • Low Free Chlorine Level 
  • Pool chemicals unbalanced 
Brush spots with a stiff brush. Spot treat the spots with chlorine tablets carefully (not on vinyl lined pools) and shut off pump. Then pour concentrated all purpose algaecide on spot. Leave dissolved algaecide in contact overnight. Next day start water circulation, brush dead algae and vacuum to waste. If necessary, repeat treatment. After vacuuming adjust pH. Keep chlorine level adjusted to prevent reoccurrence.
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