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Thompson Polymer Specialists (TPS), a Louisiana-based fiberglass manufacturer, focuses on the production of fiberglass buildings, fiberglass tanks, fiberglass enclosures, fiberglass syrup kettles, fiberglass sugar kettles, water gardens, and cauldrons, fiberglass swimming pools, and custom-made fiberglass products.  Since 1972, TPS has been the leader in the development and engineering of fiberglass products.

Our fiberglass tanks vary in sizes from 10 gallons to 100,000 gallons to meet the needs of industry, municipalities, subdivisions, farms, and homes.  Although our smaller tanks are standardized in size we also custom design and manufacture tanks and fittings for specific needs.

Fiberglass buildings, enclosures, shelters, covers, housings are standardized or custom built for industrial, municipal and commercial specifications.  The fiberglass reinforced buildings can be insulated and corrosion resistant hardware included.

The syrup kettle and sugar kettle are interchangeable in name when talking about our fiberglass kettles.  All of our syrup kettles are made of durable fiberglass and may be used for planters, water gardens or fountains to create a garden paradise.

Our fiberglass inground swimming pools are designed with the greatest pleasure and safety for the family in mind.  After much research our one-piece swimming pool features steps on one end of the pool.  Around the 5’ area the pool has a ledge for easy access out or a resting spot for the swimmer.

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