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Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

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Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

Thompson's Fiberglass Syrup Kettle of 1815 - 144-inch diameter

Thompson's Syrup Kettle of 1815 - fiberglass
144 inch diamter

This piece is a replica of a syrup cooker constructed by our family's forefathers.  The
zenith of our production line, this piece would be the crowning glory for town or city
squares, parks, municipalities, office complexes, entrances to elegant subdivisions, or
anyone who desires a touch of extravagance coupled with that tradional, simple beauty
that all of our syrup kettles offer.

The concave bottons with the outside black texture finish of our syrup kettles - sugar
kettles create the timeless look of the past. 



Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

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