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Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

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Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

Elfin Sugar Kettle - Syrup Kettles - Fiberglass
Elfin Sugar Kettle - Syrup Kettles in corner of yard

Elfin Syrup Kettle - Sugar Kettle  -  fiberglass
26-1/2" inch diamter

Our miniature syrup kettle is perfect for places you want to add a touch of our antebellum past.   The petite size of this sugar kettle allows it to add simplistic elegance in so many settings.  The Elfin sugar kettle is ideal for displaying small water plants, miniature plants, fountain flower arrangements or even a cactus garden.  This syrup kettle can be used inside or out to display a large corner garden scene.

On the left our syrup kettle - sugar kettle is displayed on the ground to emphasize the concave bottom that our fiberglass kettles feature.  On the right our syrup kettle - sugar kettle enhances a corner of the house.  The black texture finish of our syrup kettles - sugar kettles create the timeless look of the past.

Two Elfin syrup kettles on bases were used in an entrance courtyard adding a touch of stylishness creating a welcoming, warm environment.




Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

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