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Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

Alpha Syrup Kettle - fiberglass  Alpha Syrup Kettle - Fiberglass  Alpha Sugar Kettle nestled in garden setting

Alpha Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles -
41 inch diameter

Our first syrup kettle - it remains a favorite.   Its small size makes it a perfect fit as well as a beautiful accent for any home or garden.  Our syrup kettles – sugar kettles can be displayed on a base with a vintage hand pump or nestled on the ground in a garden setting. 

The concave bottoms with the outside black texture finish of our syrup kettles - sugar kettles create the timeless look of the past. 

In the garden paradise of the above plantation sometimes a family of fox enjoys drinking from the sugar kettle.  (Right)

Syrup Kettles - Sugar Kettles

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